Henri "Renoir" Rennie  Successful playwright and author of the urban fantasy series, The Books of Dubious Magic, Renoir has recently turned his attention to non-fiction.  Mid-life Crisis MANagement - The Bloke's Guide to Surviving Middle Age & Male Menopause is the first of a series intended to explore, in simple terms, some of the health issues affecting many men that "blokes just don't talk about".
Renoir's not-altogether-serious fiction series recounts the adventures of a seemingly ordinary public servant who apparently develops wizardly powers after hitting his head on a poker machine.  Along the way he encounters demons, ancient gods, mad scientists and other enemies magical and otherwise.  Set in a world that looks a lot like the one we live in, the books raise questions about the true nature of magic, and perhaps the true nature of humankind.
Renoir has done a lot of jobs over the years, and travelled widely around Australia and the world.  Now he lives mostly behind his keyboard, emerging occasionally for walks on the beach or a few drinks with friends.  In 2016 he won the Frankenstein 200 Short Story prize, and was the 2017 Nanacy Fairfax Author In Residence at Tweed Regional Gallery, where he worked deeply on the next instalment of the Dubious Magic series.
Meredith Yardley  Founder of "LaughterWorx" - a business bringing Laughter Yoga to businesses and the community, Meredith is a self-described corporate refugee.  A lifelong interest in health and wellbeing led her to bring her experience in communication and change management to a broader audience - those wishing to make changes to their health and lifestyle, but not quite sure how to do it, where to start or how to make it stick.
'Helping busy women have abundant health and wealth' has become Meredith's passion.  Because she has led that busy life, long hours at the office, high pressure and occasionally hostile work environments, living in hotel rooms and out of suitcases, and driving herself until her health suffered, she wanted to share her experiences with others so they can make the changes necessary so they don't have to feel old, poor and sick. The Busy Woman's Guide to Inner Health & Outer Beauty is a key element of achieving her mission. 

Ray Sporne, a.k.a. R. Addams is an English-born author who, after growing up in Adelaide, worked on and managed engineering and construction projects  all over Australia and across the world.  A great deal of Ray’s working life involved writing: reports, procedures, proposal documentation, training manuals and similar, and the transition to writing novels was relatively easy. The English comprehension and ability to set things out logically was already there.
He has self-published four novels to date under the name, R Addams, with each one having an element of the Northern Rivers region in it although “Etropole” is set primarily in Bulgaria and “Echoes of ElMina” in Ghana - both countries where Ray has lived and worked.
Ray and his wife have travelled extensively overseas on vacation as well as for work assignments. They now live in East Lismore and have a daughter and three grand-children in North Lismore and a son and two more grand-children in Perth.
The short childrens’ book “Meeting Tracey”  is written for young teenagers and is about a girl who is a little ‘different.’ She grew up in Nimbin without attending a regular school. And her home education included elements of witchcraft. The book follows her trying to adapt to a conventional high school in Goonellabah.
Wendy Lawrence